Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best Holiday Ever

This year we decided to do away with family gifts of the commercial kind and voted on a family vacation. Lucky for us, the my drummer man's family own a beach front property nestled in amongst beautiful Kauris. We started a Piggy bank (a real 70's version red plastic Pig with white hat) which we fed almost every day our small change. I was surprised how quickly it grew.

Deciding not to purchase gifts this year removed the normal merry seasonal stress, I gave dear friends crafts that I had made, over the past few months in our girl Friday craft days. nothing could have been easer.
The days were spent reading, eating, walking swimming, talking, sleeping, drinking,talking loudly and plenty more sleeping.

Frenches Bay Tita Rangi
Inspiration for many of Colin Machan's Paintings.

Blue boat under the Pohutakawa Tree

Beatiful Sandstone


Poppy Black said...

Happy New Year Victoria! This year is my twelve months of creations. I am having a wee challenge with my sister to make a specified creative project each month of the year. Your felting ideas are going to come in very handy! I absolutely adore pohutakawa trees. They don't grow well where we live because of the frosts. I love the idea of making all of my Christmas presents this year. Best wishes! XXX

Victoria said...

thank you Poppy, I cant wait to get into some more crafts, just waiting to get out of holiday mode, I love the ideal of a new craft every month its a challenge that I could see myself doing. Have a great new Year,
cheers Victoria XX

Florence said...


I really like your blogged so I've tagged you for the 7 things meme. I hope you don't mind.
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I won't be offended if you don't wish to participate :)